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VP-2 Association Reunion

September 11-16, 2002 in BransonMissouri

            A great time was had at the Branson 2002 Reunion by more than 225 Association members and their wives.  The reunion was planned by our old friends Joe and Elizabeth Chruma and our president and first (VP-2) lady, Floyd and Lois Palmer.  These four generous people worked countless hours in unfamiliar surroundings, away from their hometowns, to put on what had to be the best VP-2 reunion ever.

 The facilities of the Radisson Hotel in the heart of Branson were ideally suited to our needs.  There were more opportunities for entertainment than we could possibly utilize.  Our hosts thoughtfully identified the more popular shows and coordinated the times and dates to see those shows that would mesh with the official events of our reunion.  The veterans of VP-2 took note of the wholesome and patriotic family entertainment widely available in Branson.  Branson calls itself “The Veteran’s Capital of America,” and it certainly must be.

 Check-In for the reunion began on Wednesday, 11 September in the dedicated “Duty Office” on the first floor of the large, full-service hotel.  Wednesday and Thursday were devoted to catching up with old friends and whatever entertainment venues we had chosen to attend.  The reunion business meeting was held in the Radisson banquet room over a full breakfast on Friday, with time for more shows in the afternoon and evening.  We had ample opportunities for visiting with friends and for more shows during the day on Saturday; in the evening we all went aboard the Showboat Branson Belle for their evening cruise and spectacular dinner show. 

             One of the real highlights of the reunion was the final banquet and dinner show on Sunday night.  Our hosts outdid themselves by bringing in Colonel (Ret.) Craig Duehring from DOD as a guest speaker and by arranging to have a floor-show with a virtually unknown singer named Delene, who brought down the house with her talented renditions of our favorite old songs.  The Sunday banquet was our last official function, and most folks departed Branson the following day. 

             Of course, the best aspect of any reunion is getting together with old squadron-mates, and for our wives to see so many friends from so long ago, some of whom we haven’t seen for decades.  We also enjoy seeing those who are able to come to the reunions every two years.  We all agree that our enjoyment of the reunions is directly proportional to how many of our old friends we see there.  So, it is important that we get as many of our old friends from the squadron to join the VP-2 Association and to encourage them to attend the reunions. 

             Make plans now to be in San Antonio in September 2004.

Vic G. - 12 Sep 2003        

Bender, Pugh, Millar

Cowan, Guters, Gulliver
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circa 1963 Crew 10 revisited
Palmer, Scanlan, Dombrowski, Bowen, Whipple, Gulliver