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Oak Harbor Reunion - September 1986
In September 1986, NAS Whidbey Island, WA was the setting for the 2nd VP-2 Reunion.  Plans had been made to have all activities on the base, and rooms were available at the Officers Club/BOQ for housing.  Frank & Marie Hart along with their Co-Chairman Lee and Betty Brown worked many hours setting up this reunion.

After registration at the Officers Club, the opening get together was at the CPO Club with a wonderful view of the base.  Open Bar was for an hour and greeting old friends was the highlight of the evening, along with a telegram from President Reagan which was sent from Air Force One congratulating the VP-2 Squadron on their get together.

A picnic was held at the Navy Beach with the dinner catered by the CPO Club.  This was great, as the beach was reserved for just our group and a place to relax and visit.  More tall tales were told and when the day was ended I think all were at least 20 years younger from having relived all those experiences that were brought to mind.

A tour of the base with transportation provided by Navy Bus gave us lots to see and having it explained to us was very interesting.

A business meeting was held on 9 Sept at the CPO Club at which time Frank Hart suggested a VP-2 Association be formed so names and addresses could be kept.  Jack Fruits was elected as President, John Ulrich was Vice President.  No one would take Sec/Treas so Marie Hart said she would keep the names until they found someone to take over.  The 3rd Reunion was planned for Sunnyvale, CA in 1988 with David and Ada Lowe Chairman.

On Sat night everyone dressed all up and attended a banquet at the EM Club.  As you arrived your picture was taken and after the reunion the pictures were made into books and were mailed as a keepsake of those attending.  It is still fun to go back and look at the pictures (with their names). 
About 230 people attended and enjoyed a wonderful evening.  Food was good, Emcee Ken Sanford kept the evening moving and the evening closed with a LOUD band for dancing.   The evening was topped off with the viewing of the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights).

For all who helped with this reunion we hope you had as much fun and enjoyed all the friends as much as we did.  The day after the reunion several of the people took a tour to Vancouver, Canada to visit Expo

Marie Hart  26 Sep 2003