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This page is for notices of interest to all or some of our members.  nvsoar

Via Marie Hart - Charles Ramirez (VP2 1951-55) passed away on 30Nov2006.       [nvsoar__07Dec2006]
Debbie Turpin, daughter-in-law of Liz Turpin advises that Liz has passed away.  Ted (previously deceased) and Liz served with our squadron in 1944-45.     [nvsoar__06Dec2006]
Marge Hasch advises that her husband, Ralph passed away on 27Nov2006.  He was without pain and died very peacefully with Marge, and two daughters and sons in law at his side.  Ralph served in VP-2 from 1967 to 1969.
Daughter Heather reports that her father, Billy (Willie) Shew passed away on 06Sep2006.  Billy served in VP2 from 1963 to 1965.          [nvsoar__27Nov2006]
From Russ Stasel - Mary Louise Hart, widow of Joseph Hart (Deceased), passed away on November 3, 2006.  
While Bill Smith was awaiting his delayed VP2 Association membership card, he and Sandra quieted the angst with a cruise on a tall masted sailing ship in the Western Mediterranean.  See the pictures here.        [nvsoar_25Nov2006]
Dave Quindt advises that Ron Corder passed away on 10Oct2006.  Services are to be held at the First Baptist Church in Louisville, TX on 13Oct.  Dalton and Son is in charge of arrangements.  Ron served in VP2 from Sep64 to Jan68 as an AX2.    [nvsoar  12Oct2006]
Updated association rosters are available.  Those active members with internet access can receive a roster by email attachment that will open in a browser or spreadsheet program, your choice.  A printed roster is available for those person who are not happy with an electronic file.  Please advise your "druthers."        [nvsoar   25Sep2006]
Vic Gulliver is collecting items for the mid December newsletter.  Patrol Squadron Two squadron mates are invited to submit articles/items for inclusion.  The sooner the stuff gets to Vic the better for all.       [nvsoar  25Sep2006]
No longer available since Picasa Web has be scuttled. Bob Champoux has posted some Reunion2006 and Tillamook Museum images.      [nvsoar  25Sep2006]
Lloyd Olds reports that Sal & Max Lucero both deceased and that he has located Mark Goldy, Victor Snow, Steven Zerbel & Paul Sinkovitz.  All served in 67-68.    [nvsoar    02sep2006]
From Verna Beam - Just got word on Saturday that Leonard Luedke passed away this past Friday night (14July2006), at his home in Ferndale, Washington.  Do not know the details but his son told my daughter on Saturday.  He was in the Squadron prior to 1951 (48-52; AD1) and lived here in Bellingham with wife Dorothy and two sons and a daughter.  His services will be here in Bellingham probably sometime this week.  [nvsoar 03Aug2006]
From Doug - Every once in a while a current events image comes along that is worth sharing,  Here is the link
 [nvsoar  30July2006]
Tom Moran advises that Ellen Miyagawa has passed away.  The Miyagawas served with VP2 from 1956-1960.
[nvsoar  23Jun2006]

Here is the note from Bob Miyagawa -
Sadly, Ellen passed away Thursday (June 22) afternoon peacefully and without pain.  Her strength had slowly ebbed over the past two weeks, tho on the last morning she ate her normal breakfast, but went down hill very rapidly thereafter.  Our pastor came by at noon and talked to us at her bedside.   Ellen said she was at peace with God and ready to have the end of this end of life process.
Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers which, I know, sustained her through her struggle. 
Bob                            [nvsoar  24Jun2006] [Mother's Day 2006 image and obituary]
Message from Bruce Walker:  Master Chief Russ Stasel advised me that Senior Chief Lyle Rose died of complications from pulmonary cystic fibrosis on 06/01/06.  Lyle was in VP-2 from '54 to '56 until  he left for instructor duty.  He lived in the Portland, OR. area.  After retiring from the Navy he worked for the Federal Aviation Administration where he was assigned to the radar unit at PDX until again retiring.  [nvsoar  02Jun2006]
Vic and Pat Gulliver will be attending son David's graduation from the University of Oregon Law School in Eugene, OR this month.      [nvsoar  09May2006]
Nancy Meacham reports the Ron Huegli passed away on 01Apr2006.  She is requesting information about his service in VN during the 1966 deployment.  Those who can contribute please contact Doug (nvsoar).  [09May2006]
Joe Ryan sent in a pictorial report from his pirate's lair at Londell  MO.  See it here!               [nvsoar  11Apr2006]
Donna Mootz advises that her husband Arlen Mootz died on 06Nov2005 of a heart attack.  Donna intends to be at the September reunion.  Address available on request.               [nvsoar  11Apr2006]
Received from Mark Weaver, HMC USN(Ret); Cherry County Veterans Service Officer in Valentine NE:  

    "I am sorry to inform you that Jerry G. Dunn,  AO3, USN passed away February 24, 2006 at Cherry County Hospital, Valentine, Nebraska. Jerry’s Memorial Service was held March 20, 2006 and his ashes will be laid to rest as soon as I receive his Veterans Headstone. Jerry was a good friend and I will miss him. He talked about his time with VP-2 and “His Crew” when I would see him."    Jerry served in VP2 53-55.                     [nvsoar  27Mar2006]

Vic Gulliver advises:  The Ship's Store is selling off all its VP-2 shirts to reduce the cost of inventory.  See the Ship's Store section of the website for details on how to buy any of the remaining styles, sizes and colors of shirts that will no longer be stocked.                     [nvsoar  25Mar2006]
Via Bob Wolfe [02Mar2006]:  Received a letter from Dorothy Morris today with her deposit for the reunion informing us that Donald F. Morris passed away on 3 January.  She indicated that Donald was so looking  forward to this reunion and dedication and with God willing she would be there for him with her niece.
    A portion of the obit reads "Donald Frank Morris, age 81, of Clovis CA passed away on Tuesday, January 3, 2006.  Born on  August 3, 1924 in Los  Angeles, CA, he moved to Fountain Hills, AZ in 1984, then moved to Clovis CA in 2004.  He joined the United  States Navy on January 9, 1942, and retired from the Navy on July 16, 1962.  Donald worked for the Department of Defense  at USNAMTC Point Mugu, CA and  retired again on August 3, 1984."                   [nvsoar  25Mar2006]
Robert C Eccles reports that his father, Robert O Eccles, (VP2 Crew 12, circa 1958) passed away 19Feb2005 due to complications arising from hip replacement surgery.   Son Bob has indicated his desire to make the 2006 reunion.  See a couple of images.    [nvsoar  03Feb2006]
Here's an attempt to get 2006 off to a good start.  Take a look at this "Hooters Calendar" sent by Newt Biggers.  Enjoy!
[nvsoar   6Jan2006]
From Tom Moran:  I regret to advise our shipmates that Chuck Stoltenberg died this afternoon (29Nov2005) in Wisconsin of congestive heart failure.  He was in fragile health and in a nursing home in Auburn (CA) before moving to WI to be closer to family last month; three of his five daughters live in WI.  There will be a funeral on Dec 3 at 11:00 at the Vole Funeral Home in Iola, WI.  Graveside service in Loomis (where he will be buried with Delva) will be on Dec 16; time has not been set.  Chuck was the Maintenance Officer of VP-2 in 1956,1957 and PPC of crew 5.  Address of family contact available on request.      [nvsoar  30Nov05, 01Dec05, 02Dec05]
Al Vaccaro advises that his brother Attilio ('Big Vic') Vaccaro passed away Friday 25Nov2005 at age 81.  Big Vic served in VP2 in the late 1950s as an AD1 and PC of Crew 5, retiring to Oak Harbor as a CPO.  He is survived by spouse Jackie, and several children and grandchildren.  No services are planned; ashes to be scattered in Deception Pass where he loved to fish.    [nvsoar__30Nov05]
Mrs Margaret McNeal advises that her husband, Stanley G. McNeal, member #67, passed away on 04Oct2005.  Stanley served in VPB130/VP2 as an AOM2 from 1946 to 1948, and in service from 1943-1963. [nvsoar_30Nov05]
Daughter Colleen Kemp advises that her father, Clyde Colvin, passed away 22Sep2005.  Clyde served in VP2 from 1952 to 1956.    [nvsoar__30Nov05]
Not really a notice, but something to break up the string of obits -
Joe Ryan sends a question - "What is the difference between a shipmate and a running mate?"
Here goes - "A shipmate will stand good for your bail when you're in jail.  A running mate will be sitting next to you saying "damn that was fun!""       [nvsoar__21Nov2005]
Sandra Wells advised that Robert A Wells of Los Lunas, NM passed away on 14Mar05.  Robert served in VP2 as an E5 in 1954-1957 and enjoyed  attending the 2002 and 2004 reunions.    [nvsoar__19Nov2005]
Mrs John (Beegee) Boniface advised that her husband of 60 years, Capt John G (Jack) Boniface, USN Ret'd passed away on 13Oct2005.  Jack served in VP2 1949-1951 as a Ltjg, retiring as COMFAIRWING 8 in 1972.  [nvsoar__17Nov2005]  view obit
From Bob Wolfe - Regret to inform you that another squadron mate has passed away.  Richard Rose died 14Nov05.  Services will be at the Catholic Church Friday 18Nov at 1030 here in Oak Harbor.  [nvsoar 17Nov2005]
Read the obituary notice here.   [nvsoar  31Dec2005]
Frank and Marie Hart send:  We lost our son Richard D. Hart in a Scuba Diving Accident on 5 Nov 2005.  He lived in San Diego, CA and has done a lot of Scuba Diving.  This was an awful shock to us.  Frank and Marie
[nvsoar 08Nov05]
Dino Vlahakis reports that Cdr Sherm Black passed away on 29 Oct.  Daughter Cinda advises that services will be at First United Methodist Church in Oak Harbor at 1100 Saturday 5 November.  She requests that donations go to the VP Memorial at Whidbey or to the charity of one's choice.  Cards may be sent to
S.C. Black,  1574 N. Scenic heights Rd,  Oak Harbor, WA 98277
[nvsoar comment: Sherm served as Ops around 1960.  He, wife Bea and Cinda attended the 2000 reunion in Oak Harbor.  Respected and loved by those who had the privilege of serving with him.  01Nov2005]

From Bob Miyagawa:   FYI.  The funeral was this AM.  He had many, many friends.  Many from his connection with the church....many from Bee's work in the little theater....some from the Navy.  Dan O'Donnell, Jim Poore, and I were there.  There were probably others, but that's the ones that I knew/recognized.  The Pastor had people offer stories, etc. ....many stood up.  Dan and I couldn't risk tearing up.  Everybody loved him...that's love...not just respect.  Several ladies spoke up as if she'd been his woman....they loved him....as a gentleman.

Cinda was obviously there....she looks just like a slender Bee....face was unmistakable.  I'd guess she has the personality that Bee had, too.  She said that she'd been in constant comm with Dino.  She also said that she/they have been close to Margi (Dick Reibe) and that Margi was coming out to visit.   [view obit]  [nvsoar  08 Nov 2005]
Floyd Palmer reports that Lucille Lofgren called to report that her husband Earl passed away on 21 Oct.  Earl served in VP2 as an ACRM, circa 1950-53 and entered naval service in Oct 1941.    [nvsoar   01Nov2005]
Pat Cordell reports that Jack Dodson (VP2 56-59 ADR2) passed away on 28Aug2005.   [nvsoar  05Sep20005]
Frank Murias advises that his wife, Verna Mae Murias passed away 28Sep2004.    [nvsoar   10Jun2005]
Bob Wolfe, 2006 Reunion Chair sends:  Bow Washington,  Where is that?   
    That is where VP-2 squadron mates, their spouses, significant others and/or friends will rendezvous September 11-15, 2006 to reminisce about the good-ole-days.      [nvsoar   05May2005]
Bruce Walker reports:  Hi all......got this mail from Al Magsamen's wife Wendy.  I know that some of you might remember Al, who was in VP-2 around '55-'58.  I think he was an AD or an AM.  He went on and made a career of the Navy, becoming an Senior Chief.
Hi Bruce,
      I wanted you to know that my Alphonse (Al) was buried with full honors at Arlington Mem Cemetery 3/25. I think you know that he died 11/02/04 after fighting lung cancer.
     The ceremony was incredible.  There must have been 50 Navy men in dress that made up the funeral.  A band, the gun guys, flag folders, 6 horse drawn carriage that took the remains to the final spot. He was cremated and they placed the urn inside the casket.  It was so awesome and so right for someone like Al that had a passion for the military.  This was his earthly ending but since in the last 20 years of his life he also had a passion for Jesus Christ he has an even better house for his Spirit.  I can't wait to see him again.
       He loved VP-2.  I gave much of his Navy stuff to his daughters.  You and the rest of the guys really enhanced his life and gave him some wonderful memories.  On behalf of my Alphonse I thank you for everything.
Wendy Magsamen                       [nvsoar  28Mar2005]
Marv Sommer advises that our shipmate Bob "Boz" Wells (VP2 54-57) passed away today 3/14/2005.  Boz will be cremated and a small private service will be held at the home.  Wife's name is Sandy.  May God rest his soul.
[nvsoar   (Sandy's address available on request)  14Mar2005]
From Bruce Walker:  Hi all......I received a call from Bernita Stine this morning and she advised me that Lloyd had died on Jan. 23, 2005.  It was the big "C" that the big fellow couldn't beat.  Apparently he was with his family in North Platt, Neb.  He was 70 years of age.  Besides his stint with VP-2, he made a career of the Navy.  Bernita said that Lloyd had fond memories of VP-2 and talked about it a lot.
If any want to drop her a mail her address is available on request to nvsoar.     [nvsoar   11Feb2005]
From Scott Persons via Randy Ragsdale:  Scott reports that his father, George Persons (VP2 Crew 6, 1966), passed away on 02May2004 of pancreatic cancer.    [nvosar   01Feb2005]
This came in over the transom from Bob Kline - If interested in the 2" by 4" stickers below (or others) please visit the link posted below and from there the group's home page.

http://www.vetsignia.org/navy.htm                 [nvsoar  30Jan2005]
Bettie Wright advises the her husband, James A Wright, AQC passed away on June 1, 2003.
[nvsoar   11Jan2005]
Ernie Fillipucci (VP2_1969) at 5002eaf@jaxsheriff.com advises that he is looking for a 1969 Cruise Book.
[nvsoar   29Dec2004]
Katherine Smith reports that her husband, James P Smith (VP2 1951-53) passed away on 29Jan2004.
[nvsoar    19Dec2004]
Bruce Walker advises that Vernon Emele passed away this morning, Dec 4, 2004, from a rapidly developing cancer.                [nvsoar   04Dec2004]
James Alsop (VPB-130) has submitted a personal recollection of the sinking of U-615 off Curacao in August 1943.  Well worth reading.  http://www.patron2.com/files/recollect.html#Alsop      [nvsoar  28Nov2004]
A message has been received that states Brooks Noel is now deceased.  No further info yet.    [nvsoar  18Nov2004]
Jim Goheen reports that Butch (Sherwood F) Luther died yesterday, Nov 15, 2004, of a heart attack.
[Butch served in VP2 as an AX3 from 1963 to 1966.  nvsoar  16Nov2004]
The family recently advised: "
Sherwood F. Luther passed away unexpectedly on Nov. 15th 2004.  He seemed in good health, was there one minute and gone the next.  He was loved by his community, doing a lot of volunteer work for his church and Habitat for Humanity.  He died five days before his 62nd birthday."    nvsoar   [30Jan2005]
Tom Hinman reports that his father, Captain Jack J. Hinman, III, USN/Ret (6/12/17 to 10/21/04) passed away after a short illness surrounded by his family in Florida.  He will be interred in Arlington National Cemetery in a private ceremony.  Capt Jack served in VP2 as OPS and later XO of the squadron, from April 1948 to January 1950, including an extended Kodiak deployment.  He was a proud member of the Naval Academy Class of 1940 and served his country for 30 years.  In civilian life, he was professor and later Chairman of the Aviation Management Program in the Florida Institute of Technology’s School of Aeronautics.  In retirement, he actively supported many organizations associated with his naval service.                                [nvsoar  03Nov2004]
From Bob Wolfe:  Bernise Black passed away recently....funeral services at First United Methodist Church, Oak Harbor scheduled for Wednesday 20 October.  Bernise is wife of Sherman Black who served in VP-2 1959/61.  Sherman has been in ill health for some time also.  Bob Wolfe                                   [nvsoar  16Oct2004]
From the Huddles:  Just to let you know--Norm Huddle passed away August 16, 2004.  He passed peacefully at home.  His family was with him.  Cause of death was chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  He was 78 years old.  He will be sorely missed.  [Norm Huddle served in VP2 in the early '60s.  nvsoar  08Sep2004]
Read Dewey Mawson's recollection of the 15Jun1951 Kodiak P2V-4 landing accident.    nvsoar  13July2004
Jmichael Moore, AZ1 ret, V???, is looking for a copy or information on a picture posted in the North Island AIMD ofiice, circa 1975.  The picture depicted a P2 or S2 flying at over water at night, with a Sub visible under the water. The striking thing about the picture were the cat eyes in the background. The caption alluded to the fact that ASW can see at night.  Please reply to nvsoar11Jul2004
Here is Mike Maione stirring the pot:  "does anyone remember this is your life party??????my name is mike maione i was a parachute rigger  in vp2 from 1961 to 1964...does anyone remember who the other dancer was/////i'll give you a hint he is on the board /////"        nvsoar   08July2004
Battle of Midway:  I ran across an image of the sole surviving Avenger at the Battle of Midway at the website mentioned at the bottom.  Harry Ferrier flew as a crewman in this ship.  Here are his comments - Hi Doug, That is a photo of the TBF that I flew in at the Battle of Midway.  There are four other pictures of the plane showing it right after landing with the right gear still in its well, then closeup of the plane on both wheels, then close up of tail damage, and one of the turret's damage.  Navair Museum at Pensacola should have all of them. There is also a photo of the plane at Norfolk when it was new.  It was painted up as 8-T-1, the Skipper's plane.  It still had that side number when we flew it at BOM.  Harry
http://www.richard-seaman.com/index.html     nvsoar  28Jun2004
From the Executive Board - The VP-2 Association Executive Board has extended a "dues optional" privilege to all Association members who served in VP-2 (and predecessor squadrons) prior to December 31, 1946.  Full Association membership benefits will be accorded to these VP-2 veterans provided they fulfill all other requirements for membership in good standing.  Donations to maintain association operations are gratefully accepted.  For all, please maintain current contact information.  For those who have yet to provide their military service dates (see the notice below dated 03Nov2003), please do so in order to protect us from the talons of the IRS.  [nvsoar  22Jun2004]
From James Baxter - Served in the first Navy aircraft squadron to bear the name VP-2 from 1934 to 1936.  He writes "Trans from VP-2 (old PM-2's) to VP- 9, North Island, CA.  Got the 1st PBY-1's.  Was a Lieutenant in WWII, and served as 1st LT on USS Victoria (AO-48) in the South Pacific, in Manila at end of War.  My time with VP-2 was in Coco Solo, Panama.
On the Reunion > > >  Sorry - can't make it - age 92 is keeping me at home most of the time."   nvsoar 19Jun2004
From Mike Maione - a stream of consciousness report - part 1-
hello to everyone..this is from mike maione pr2 vp2 1961-1964///i worked in the duty office, was a bus driver, bartender and i lived on the highway before you came into oak harbor..i had a burgandy mustang...does anyone remember me???i had a long date with a girl in kodiak name cerlett,  does anyone remember her????we had a this is your life for i think joe lapham, and i was one of the girls( i think gleason was one too)i remember putting grapefruits in my jersey hahaha////anyway im retired , live in upstate ny go to florida 3 months of the year and life is good...have 8 grand children and love them all//still happily married//if someone remembers me and remembers the guy i lived with who had a buick special and lived in washington let me know..id love to email or write him..one of these years i'm gonna make a reunion//i remembe a lot of the names here but can't seem to put faces to them..i carried a picture of a sailor named willie shew around  with me ever since 1963 and kept it always on the wall..when i got a computer i put the picture by it..would you believe one day in i think 2001 i got a email from will and he asked me if i remembered him.. in 5 minutes i sent him the picture and i hope to see him very soon..well listen everyone i have to go now but hope to hear from anyone or everyone who would like to email me and bring up all the good and bad times we had. remember all the fishing we did and canned the fish, does anyone remember irma la duce the movie and going back to the club and we invented a drink in the name of the movie...how about japan for rr&r...man were them the days..we had so much junk in the tail we thought it was gonna fall off///see you all soon mike maione
part 2- good morning to all// since i went through the roster of vp2rs my mind started remembering some things///remember when the president got shot??we were in kodiak//was anyone as scared as me??/had no idea what was happening with russia and if it came to war all we had was box lunches to throw at them//how about the first p3v to come to kodiak and would not fit in the hanger// how about the earthquake and the news that a giant tidal wave was coming. do you remember the battleship bouy that came ashore with the wave and when the wave left it left it there..i sometimes wondered what happened to it//the people that stayed in alaska as"volunteers" with me had to eat everything powered.  remember the gas that came up under the runway and  we were afraid that the island was going to catch fire//or the hills that came down and were flat after the tremors. here's one for you all, you had to be there to believe it. the entire runway came up and at the very end of it it shattered into little pieces//i was a bartender at the time of the quake and had no idea what it was until the left wall fell out of the club//and how about EVERCLEAR/// we tried to drink like the fishermen and really never could..some people fell off the stools...hahahahahaha well now that i bored all of you i feel great to remember all of this it was a big part of my life///   i have been back to whidbey island a few times over the years to see a couple that used to fix food for me and i called the mom and pop. unfortunately they  both died last year..happy fathers day to all
{nvsoar 06Jun2004}
From Jack D. Cooke:  I served with VP-2 during the 59-60 Kodiak deployment as 2nd radio.  I was assigned to YC-2, the XO's crew.  I 'm not sure....was his name Foster?  I believe the Plane Captain's last name was Vaccaro....ADR-1.  He used to store up his most rotten Italian food gas in his poopy suit and dump his side vent on us half way thru one those long "radio silence" flights between Russia and Alaska.  My first radio's last name was Sakiyama or Sakihama.
     I have about 400 feet of 8mm color celluloid film that depicts a "typical" day in the air....take-off and landing and ship rigging and the Halibut fleet, a brief glimpse of a WWII P-38 ditched on an island somewhere in the Aleutians, Kiska's bomb pocked runway, and an adventure around the WWII section of Adak.  I have yet to clean it up and transfer to video tape/DVD.  I also have about a dozen black and white Brownie photo's of some of us goofing off in the barracks during that deployment.  I don't remember many names but I remember the adventure quite well.
     [see the photos in gallery 60;   nvsoar 04Jun2004]
James Alsop (VB130, 43-45) reports:  "I've run across the original photos for Cmdr G G Price with white uniformed officers and one with white uniformed air crew men and one with his white uniformed crew.  Really great photos.  Further, I am in contact with Richard Zahl, one of the original VB-130 radiomen and Kenrick Healy, an AOM and member of our Crew #5 who were on board also with Lt. Holmes.  (Lt Holmes has been deceased for years).  The other members of crew #5 were Jens Oli Madsen, AMM, now deceased and the co-pilot Robert Tonner."   nvsoar  01Jun2004
George Jenista (2004 Reunion Host) reports that he recently received a call from Ron Graham.  "Ron was Ops Officer of VP-2 when I checked in in June, 1956.  Went to Alaska in 56 and Iwakuni in 58.  Was the OinC of the cadet Barracks in Hutchinson, Kansas in 1955-56 when I graduated."   nvsoar  01Jun2004
Robert M McKnight (VP2 56-59, Crew 8 with Bob Anderson, Jack Dodson, Gerry Lynch and John Willcuts) advises that barring big problems, he and Nancy will see all who come to the San Antonio reunion late this September.
[nvsoar 11May2004]
Note from Satch Beasley:  The Cold War Veterans Association 2004 calendar features a photo of LT Jesse Beasley (3 Cape Cod) on the cover.  [nvsoar 21Apr2004]
Update from Brooks Noel (earlier reports below):  Dear Doug,
In Dec my reading was 8......and the Dr said most people walking around ran 4 to 8....so they took me off the hospice program saying that's only for people who are dying,. but in Jan it was 15, Feb 21 and in March 42 which was just double, so the Dr put me back on the hospice program.....and cautioned that we could look forward to lost of stamina...
    I would have loved to attend the San Antonio reunion,    but will have to play it by ear now...My WWII carrier has one in rar east Tenn on Sept 12......right in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountian Park.....
    Wife cannot walk very far without  wheel chair....so this year may not be our best......will reach 80 on April 21st...   nvsoar 09Apr2004  [Your prayers appreciated]
Korea Defense Service Medal Update:
Submit requests for the KDSM to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)  9700 PAGE AVE  ST LOUIS  MO  63132-5100.  Include documents supporting service in Korea from 28 July 1954 to a date to be determined.
Eligibility.  Service members must have been assigned, attached, or mobilized to units operating in the area of eligibility for 30 consecutive, or for 60 nonconsecutive days, or
    (a)  be engaged in combat during an armed engagement, regardless of the time in the area of eligibility, or
    (b)  is wounded or injured in the line of duty and requires medical evacuation from the area of eligibility, or
    (c)  while participating as a regularly assigned air crewmember flying sorties into, out of, or within the area of eligibility in direct support of military operations;  (Each day that one or more sorties are flown in accordance with these criteria shall count as one day toward the 30 or 60-day requirement.) or
    (d)  served in operations and exercises conducted in the area of eligibility as long as the basic time criteria is met.
nvsoar  18Feb 2004  (Thanks to Alex for the info.)
Catamaran for USN?:  nvsoar 17Feb2004


UNWANTED EMAIL from shipmates:  Those who are receiving email from shipmates that is unwanted have several choices to deal with the situation.  Of the messages that I have seen, the sender and subject have been clearly identified - thus the delete function can dispose of the unwanted message.  Or set up a filter so that undesired messages are automatically rejected.  Or send a request to the sender to be removed from their address list.  Please remember that the messages that come from shipmates contain material that they think is important to share with the rest of us.  Comment?   nvsoar   17Feb2004
"Beetle" Bailey advises that Bruce Weber (Crew 3, 67-68) is working in Iraq and can be contacted by email.  nvsoar 14Feb2004    Followup note from Bruce to Beetle: Beetle, Great to hear from you.  Hope to see you at the reunion in September. I'm coming home to Texas March 15 returning to Iraq March 26th.  My mail address is Bruce Weber--KBR--CAMP ANACONDA--BALAD, IRAQ--APO  AE 09391...I don't get on a computer much, just every couple of weeks.  Think about you guys often.  Tell Mrs. Beetle I said HOWDY.  Having a great time over here.
nvsoar 16Feb2004
A note from John Rushin:  "I am in Copenhagen visiting an old exchange student.  This is a very safe and enjoyable city.  Enjoying exploring by bicycle, a primary mode of transport here."  Best, John Rushin, VP2, 63-64  02Feb2004
Bob Champoux has agreed to lead the membership development effort.  Since he has the last two cruise books he will likely start with those names.  It's a big job to locate these persons.  Please contact Bob if you are able to assist.   nvsoar  28Jan2004
Marcy Lockhart reported in an email to Marie: "Chuck Lockhart passed away on September 13, 2002 of lung cancer.  Many of his VP-2 friends do not know this.  Thank you for removing his name (and mine) from your mailing list.  Marcy Lockhart."  14Jan2004

HW Petersen submitted an article from the King County Journal about the Boeing proposal for the next maritime patrol aircraft.  nvsoar 03Jan2004

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An obituary note from Don Scanlan: Received a letter from Jackie Borthwick today, telling us that CDR Bruce Borthwick USN (married 49 years!!), VP-2, 62-63 passed away in Alexandria VA 12/18/03 and was buried 12/23/03 in his hometown of Eau Claire WI.  There will be a memorial service at Westminister Presbytarian Church, 2701 Cameron Mills Rd, Alexandria VA at 1330, Jan 10, 2004.  I think Phil Veatch and Roger Farrell might be interested.  Have a good year, see'ya in the fall in San Antonio. scan.     31Dec2003
Update from Brooks Noel:  On 2 Dec wife and I told the Hospics nurse that we wanted a new blood test...last one was Mar 01, and when it came back, there was not a trace of leukemia....but nurse said it was probably a fluke,,,,,lets do another test....It came in Friday...still no leukemia...  So now we have put our eggs in the lap of the oncologist...hoping she says "Remission"!!!!!!!!  Should know sometime next week.....but we are very thankful this Christmas....I was suppose to have died in August....  25Dec2003 (in msg to Vic G.)(previous note 21Sep) nvsoar
Al Grappone reports: "I was attached to VPML-2 in Miramar in 47/48. would like to hear from anyone serving during that time."  23Dec2003
Fred Van Leeuwen advises that he has cruise books from VP-2 deployments to Iwakuni and Sangley Point in 65, 66, 67 with crew lists and photos.  "If they would help someone fill in a few blanks, I'd be happy to help."  22Dec2003
(Take a look at Fred's report on the "Status Reports" page.  nvsoar)

Cica 1968 Officer's roster found.  Bob Champoux has taken on the task of running down their current locations.  If you have contact information for any of these folks please advise Bob or nvsoar20Dec2003
A note from John Kauth:  Greetings: I served in VP-2 from 1948 (when it was stationed at NAS Miramar) until 1951.  I was a LT(JG); the squadron was soon home ported at NAS Whidbey; I qualified as a PPC and was given a crew and aircraft; the normal rotation was to deploy to Kodiak for three months; VP-2 deployed but because of the Korean War we stayed for nine months before a reserve squadron from Minneapolis was recalled and trained to relieve us; we flew out of Kodiak, Nome, Adak, Fairbanks (ice patrols) Ellison AFB; and had no major problems.
My recollection is that I had an XO named Paul Engle (Engel); two CO's -- Connie Karaberis ([may have relieved Kercheval] who became a Rear Admiral and has since passed away) and a Turner who may have relieved Karaberis.
Sincerely, John L. Kauth  Captain-USNavy (Ret.)   20Dec2003
A note from George Dill:  I came in the Navy Jan. 20 1946 and stayed until Nov. 26 1976.  I was in VP-2 from 1953 until Jan 1956.  I was in our XO's CDR. Danner's crew SB-2 for the complete tour.  My Lady's Name is Vicki.  I retired as a  Master Chief.  Don Melton and Bill Mcpherson was assigned  to our crew.  If I remember, Raymond Bryant had SB-7 or 12.  Henry Knepp is here in Corpus Christi with me, I know him well.  18Dec2003
Any shipmates who have copies of squadron rosters or crew lists please advise nvsoar.  05Dec2003
Jim Goheen is looking for Charlie Schneider who served in the AT shop at Iwakuni in the spring of 1965.  05Dec2003
Obituary Notice:  Jack Dodson reports that his wife Maxine passed away on 24 Nov 2003
Dave Bowen advised that Trader Jon's, Pensacola watering hole, has closed.
nvsoar   21Nov2003
Alex advises that DD214 copies are available online to veterans and family members at http://www.archives.gov/research_room/vetrecs    Fill out the request form online and then submit a signature via fax or USPS mail.   16Nov2003
Bruce Walker - Korea Defense Service Medal update: Established by Congress and signed into law by President George W Bush on 02 Dec 2002, the medal will be awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America who have served for a qualifying period of time on or after 28 July 1954 in the Republic of Korea (or adjacent waters).  The design for the medal has been approved (May 2003).  Development and production could take up to a year.   08Nov2003
Vic Gulliver on "War Veteran" Status:  The VP2 Association’s status as a tax exempt organization depends on the number of members who can be classified as “war veterans”, which in turn depends on the period of a member’s service.  The members named below are requested to send their beginning and ending service dates [include training, cadet or midshipman status, active and reserve duty (active or inactive)] to Vic Gulliver at 1900 Franklin Drive, Glenview, IL 60025 or vicgulliver@comcast.net, so that this information can be entered into the association’s records.  (Approximate dates are better than no response. [or a poke in the eye - nvsoar])  03Nov2003
John Ahle Daniel Babbage Jack Barnes John C. Brown Joseph Brown
Jerry Brown Raymond Bryant Harley Cline George Dill Dick Dorrheim
Dave Finley Maynard Flynn Jack Fruits Tom Gallaher Bernie Galvin
Doug Gilbertson Dwight Gilliam Ruben Gomez Richard Haase F.Himelick-Vandore
John Hinkle Dennis Hoogerwerf Cyril Imming John Isaacson Jerry Jones
Westley King Henry Knepp Neil Kosbab James Lamb Maurice Lund
Howard Lyford Robert McKnight Arlen Mootz Michael Moreno Norman Morton
Frank Murias Arthur Norton Paul Perry George Persons Obie Quelland
Jerry Shepherd_dec Richard Sorenson Gene Sprague Lloyd Stine Alfred Swanda
Charles Sweet James Tucker Joseph Tucker F. Van Leeuwen John Willcuts
Charles Wisner James Wright William Zambriski
Clifton Brooks Noel, ADC USN ( Ret.)  [Chief Noel reports that he is on the Binnacle List.]   Squadron:  July 1955 to August 1957 worked in the Maint Office until Flight Surgean took me out and was plane captain until transferred to NAS Corpus Chisti... Am now a Hospizs Patiant...with Leukemia.....was given 20 weeks to live but am now on week 25.....hope to make it to Christimas....God willing....please let all me friend from that era know...Thanks
    Brooks    21Sep2003
Al Magsamen: I was in VP-2 in 1956 amd 1957.  I flew in crew 10 with Dallas Blair [Plane Captain].  He was an AD2 I believe.  I made a deployment to Alaska which was quite an experience for a 18 yr old farm boy.  I remember polishing our silver P2v-7s with Never-Dull.  I thought it was fun.  I also served in VP-40 when they had P5M Marlins and I was a Flight Engineer on P3B Orions when VP-40 transitioned to P3s.  I ended up staying in the Navy and retired in 1986 as an AFCM.  That's about it.  Hope to keep hearing from you through the various media resources.  21Sep2003
Forrest Paine: I was in VP-2 from Sept 1956 thru Dec 1957 as an AK2 at Whidbey Island, Washington and Kodiak, Alaska.   Further, I noticed George Silbersteins name and that his son had reported his death due to cancer.  I worked for Arthur Stark, George Silberstein and another Officer named Moran, all Aircraft Commanders I believe.  I think the CO at that time was named Carlton. While at Kodiak, as leading 2nd class P. O., I roomed with Melvin Nelson, Jack Dodson, McKay, Dinger and Lower, all members of flight crews.  Directly across the hall the remainder of the squadrons second class petty officers were billeted.   20Sep2003
Eric Silberstein reports that his father, George Silberstein passed away in July 2003 due to liver cancer.  Mom is doing ok.  If you email Eric about his dad, please ensure that dad's name is in the subject line.  nvsoar-18Sep2003
The October Project: Construct a flight crew list for the '61 Kodiak deployment.
Please advise new info and corrections.  Pictures?   nvsoar 17Sep2003,  rev 17Sep
Crew 1: Pierre,
Crew 2: Lanaghan,
Crew 3:
Crew 4:
Crew 5:
Crew 6: Tripp(OinC-Adak), Seng, Vlahakis(begin), Gulliver(end), Smith
Crew 7:
Crew 8:
Crew 9:
Crew 10: Hanson, Ward, Tatro, Farris
Crew 11:
Crew 12: McKinney, Gulliver(at start), Bender, Garrett, Moore, Smith, Durnal, Heltzel, Williams (from Mike Heltzel)
Vic Gulliver's September Project: Construct a flight crew list for the 59-60 Kodiak deployment.
Please advise new info and corrections.  Pictures?   nvsoar 12Sep2003,  rev 15Sep
Crew 1: Johnson, Jones,
Crew 2: Foster, Anderson,
Crew 3: Black(Sherm), Riebe
Crew 4: Alexander, Donohue, Erickson, Tatro (early), Hart, Courtney, Chesnut, Tabor, Dorrheim, Barrett, Crozier, Flukey?
Crew 5: Farwell,
Crew 6: Black(Pete), Myers, Vlahakis, Renning, Gill, Behan, Morrison
Crew 7: Crouse, Hanson, Seng, Lamer,
Crew 8: Branscomb, Runette (early), O'Donnell, Tatro (later)
Crew 9: Silberstein, Hindorff, Sterton, Gulliver, Orr, Cooper
Crew 10: Miyagawa,
Crew 11: Beydler, Jackson, Haeckler, Klett, 1st radio, Jerry Kluth, AT2----2nd radio, John J. Davis, AT2---- Plane Captain, Lonnie D. Hatcher, AD3----2nd Mech, Joseph J. Brown, ADAN----Ordnance, Dave Michel, AOAN
Crew 12:
Please share appropriate items for the website.  Send stuff to me or the Content Editor or both.
nvsoar  07Sep2003

Clay Howe (howec@charter.net ) reports that he has finished scanning a P2V-7 operating manual and has it available on CD. Anyone who's interested in their own copy can get one from him for $19.95 which includes shipping. He opines that it turned out better than his earlier P5M-2 manual (which is also still available for the same cost) which I have and can affirm is very well done and of commercial quality.

Alex  ~ early 2003

A.G. Alexander Jr.   02 Oct 2003, updated 15Jan2005, updated 23Jun2009 by nvsoar
Along with several of our Shipmates, I have put together a list of the Shipmates of VP-2 who were also Shipmates in VO-67. It is a list that shows that, probably, VP-2 supplied the largest number of members of any Squadron to VO-67. If anyone can add to this list, I would appreciate knowing about it.
Chester Coons, Jim Kravitz, Richard Mancini, Del Olson, Mike Roberts; all KIA.  A G (Alex) Alexander, Al Allen (dec), Doug Donohue, Earl Erickson, John Exley, Larry Gire, Robert Hadley, Jake Jacobs, Rodney Jackson, R R King, Don Lantz, Brian Millette, William McLay (dec), Richard Ober, Ronald Rigby (dec), Capt W E Sharp (dec),
Eugene L Soldwedel, J F Teodorczyk, Robert Tobias (dec), Frank Townsend, William Young, Jerry Welker.
A.G. (Alex) Alexander, Jr. CDR.USN. (Ret)

Tom Simpson
Member of VP2 from Jan1 to Dec 23 1952. Went to Kwaj with Squadran for Operation Ivy. On short active duty time as Reservist Rate AOU3c flight crew until Kwaj then Station MA on Kwaj. Interested in any info activity etc and VP2 baseball cap if available. Now living in Columbus OH.
Al Grappone
Attached to VPML2 from 10/7/47 to 7/20/48 Miramar Naval Air Station San Diego CA.
I was in maintenance not a crew member.  AM1.