Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial
Veteran’s Memorial Park   Pioneer Way  
Oak Harbor, WA

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Dedication Ceremony - 14Sep2006

    The Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial was dedicated on 14 Sep 2006 at the site, in conjunction with the 2006 Patrol Squadron Two Association biennial reunion.  Over 500 persons, representing former, retired and active duty military personnel, relatives of Navy personnel (including those of patrol squadron veterans who perished while on active duty), artists and builders of the memorial, local and state government, and interested families from the surrounding area.  

    The principal speaker at the Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial dedication ceremony was the Commander of Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing Ten, Captain David M Taylor, USN.  The transcript of his message is here.
    Others also addressed those attending, including Oak Harbor Mayor Patty Cohen.  Transcripts are not available at present.

    Images of the dedication ceremony are located here.  The above image was taken by Dino Vlahakis.
    A video of scenes from the Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial dedication ceremony remembering VP-2 Crew 12 is  here; Courtesy of Bill Laux.  Download the file and play it in Windows Media Player.  A fast connection speed is desireable since the file is 5.3MB in size.
    Bill also produced a similar video remembering the VP-17 Crew lost in 1963.  See the video on YouTube at   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGx9ssWC6rE
The Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial is sponsored by the Patrol Squadron Two Association
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