Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial
Veteran’s Memorial Park   Pioneer Way  
Oak Harbor, WA

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The Airmen Named on the Memorial

    When the Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial committee first began to consider the daunting task of creating a memorial in Oak Harbor, Washington, one of their first concerns was the intended scope of the memorial.  Should it memorialize all the personnel in all the U.S. Navy patrol squadrons?  Or should it be more localized to honor just those who served in patrol squadrons based at NAS Whidbey Island?  The committee envisioned a wall as part of the memorial with the names of airmen who had died serving their country in patrol squadron operations.  It was decided that the memorial should concentrate on those who served and those who died in NAS Whidbey-based VP squadrons.  Committee members began the research necessary to gather all the names of those whose sacrifice would be remembered on the wall.  It was expected to be a huge task since the names needed would date back to World War II, and there would be large numbers of fatalities from that period alone.

    It soon became apparent that there is no central repository of the names of those who died in VP operations.  It was expected that the Naval Personnel Command or the Naval Safety Center or the Naval Historical Center or the Naval Archives would have that information on file and easily retrievable, but such is not the case.  Even the Naval Safety Center has no records of aircraft mishaps that include the names of those who died.

    Not only is there no central source of information on those who died in VP operations, there is also no reliable source of all the aircraft mishaps that led to those fatalities.  The memorial committee, which took on the name “Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial” committee owing to their chosen scope of the memorial, was faced with the realization that it was up to the committee itself to generate the names of the airmen who should be honored by the memorial.  Thus began a time-consuming search that continued for several years to create an accurate list of names that would appear on the WPSM wall.  To a man, the WPSM committee members pledged that the memorial would only list the names of deceased airmen if the committee could guarantee that it had absolutely correct information including dates, ranks/rates and the spelling of the names.  This information was to be carved in granite.  Inaccuracies could not be permitted.

    Before long, the WPSM committee realized that the wider the scope of the research they were doing, the less likely it would be that the final product would be error-free.  There was absolutely no way to identify all of the VP fatalities over the sixty-plus years of Whidbey-based VP operations, let alone doing it with any accuracy.  In order to ensure 100% accuracy, the committee was forced to narrow the scope of its research to cover only P2V mishaps.  They wanted to include other aircraft types, and were encouraged by veterans of other squadrons to include other aircraft types, but the inconsistencies of the information available to the researchers made a larger scope impossible to achieve.

    The list of names on the Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial wall only includes fatalities from P2V operations, but the memorial itself is dedicated to all who served in the NAS Whidbey Island VP community, and particularly to those who lost their lives.  The dedication statement above in blue on gold is carved into the Memorial wall.

    Among Those Lost in P2V Operations

4 November 1948 – VP-1
LCDR Albert B Hall, Jr
LCDR Wilbur W Titsworth
LTjg Edward T Swientek
ADC James J Lytle
AD1 George L Cole, Jr
AL1 George E Egeter
AO1 T Vernon Rudd
AD2 John F Duval
AE2 John H Wood

27 November 1950 – VP-4
LTjg Sylvester H Linn, Jr
ENS George H Irelan
AL1 Malcomb B Farris
AD1 Frank Zitkovich
AOAN Harold T Neely

18 December 1950 – VP-931
LT Lalonde M Pinne
LTjg Roy T Anderson
ENS James F Morris
MIDN George B Hogaboom
ALC Milton E Berquist
ADC Walter W Whitehead
AOU1 Edward G Lunn
AL2 Frederick J Sinclair
AT2 Robert C Stockton
AF3 Verl L Hancock
ATAN James F Christiana

15 June 1951 – VP-2
LTjg Ben W Sevier

2 January 1953 – VP-1
AD3 Harold R Canning

4 January 1954 – VP-2
LT Jesse Beasley
LT Fredrick T Prael
ENS Stanley B Mulford
ENS Paul D Morelli
ADC Robert G Archbold
AL2 Rex A Claussen
AD2 James F Hand
AT2 Lloyd B Rensink
AT3 Bruce D Berger
AO3 Gordon Spicklemier

11 May 1959 – HATUPAC
LCDR William F Wade
Ltjg Edwin J Bruner
ADJ3 Harry A Hartwell
Ltjg Hilton L Cutler, Jr
ENS Vernon L Garner
ENS Carl D Johnson
AD1 Jack H MacMillan
AM1 George F Robertson
AOC Joseph E Foltz

11 January 1963 – VP-17
LT William L Carter
LT Paul W Dannell
LTjg Richard T Healy
AD2 John A Cole
AD2 Russel S Feldmann
AT2 Merlin J Haas
AM3 Charles A Treat

August 1964 – VP-42
AN Robert Davis

8 September 1964 – VP-42
LCDR John C Thomas
ADR1 Deloss W Anderson, Jr
AE2 Weslie D Mewborn
AM1 Michael J Ulicsni
AO2 Donald F Marit

13 April 1966 – VP-1
ADR2 Randolph P Vedros

27 November 1964 – VP-2
LT L Dennis Wilson
LCDR Raymond H Walker
LTjg Richard A Meyers
LTjg Douglas M Smith
ADR2 Harold M Ley
ATN2 William A Laugesen
AO2 Howard G Brantley
ADR3 Bobby J Crum
AE3 Thomas J Gould
AXAN Michael A McDaniel
AN Joseph L Lyons
LT William A Dotson (Obs)

14 December 1967 – VP-42
LCDR Maynard L Howard
Ltjg Kenneth C McCoy
Ltjg Gary A Klessig
Ltjg Peter S Stewart
ADR1 Earl D Rouse
AT1 Teddy L Wood
AE2 Dale A Armour
ATN2 Vito Muti
ADR3 Roy T Cole
AO3 James P Franklin
AXAN Ray O Wadley
AE1 Billy H Mallams (Pass)
AN Thomas D Edwards (Pass)
SP5 G W Lotze (Pass)

The Airmen's names are on panels that flank
the center panel facing the statue, benches
and the flag pole further west.

The Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial is sponsored by the Patrol Squadron Two Association