Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial
Veteran’s Memorial Park   Pioneer Way  
Oak Harbor, WA

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NAS Whidbey Island Patrol Squadrons Since 1942

VP-1 VP-50 VPB-43 VPB-148
VP-2 VP-53 VPB-53 VPB-199
VP-4 VP-57 VPB-61 VPB-212
VP-6 VP-61 VPB-62 VP-AM-1
VP-12 VP-62 VPB-91 VP-AM-2
VP-17 VP-69 VPB-112 VP-AM-5
VP-20 VP-107 VPB-115 VP-ML-1
VP-27 VP-120 VPB-120 VP-ML-2
VP-29 VP-122 VPB-122 VP-ML-4
VP-32 VP-130 VPB-130 VP-ML-6
VP-40 VP-131 VPB-131 VP-HL-7
VP-42 VP-136 VPB-136 VP-HL-10
VP-43 VP-772 VPB-138 VP-HL-12
VP-46 VP-812 VPB-139 VAHM-10
VP-47 VP-931 VPB-144
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The Whidbey Patrol Squadron Memorial is sponsored by the Patrol Squadron Two Association